Should Enchanting Tables be Removed?

Yo so in the old Hive, there were 45 something maps, and in only two of those was there an enchanting table: Spectral and Hermit Sands Revisited. But in KIG, almost every map has an enchanting table and a disk, the reason for this is because the map creators wanted their map to be special and quirky so players would vote for it, like they did Spectral.

I personally rated Spectral as an A tier map, but only because it was unique. But now with players getting enchanted bows that kill you in two hits every single round, it’s gotten out of hand. We need to remove enchanting tables from all of the maps except one.

Lmk what you think, -Skibity


I think this is a good idea, power 1 bows are very overpowered in timv and make a game where people are already prone to bowspamming even worse, so I think it would be good to cut down on the amount of maps that have one.


I agree, I think there should be FEWER maps with them, I am annoyed when I die by a bow-spammer. You then also need to buff the achievement of enchanting the wooden sword from 50 to some higher number of coins.

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Hi Liammm!!

Quick question, do you know how many maps got an etable? Which etables would you want to remove? Perhaps you could DM me on Discord and we can look into all the etables and disks together c:

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Yeah almost every map on kig has an etable except Coconut Plaza and maybe one other, but on Hive the only maps that had an enchanting table was Spectral and Hermit Sands Revisited out of 45 or so maps. I don’t mind the disks as much but it can get annoying when every map has someone playing a C418 song when I’m trying to listen to Spotify.

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well not every map has an etable actually, but close to it.

Maps without one:

  1. Coconut Plaza
  2. Aorin
  3. Golden Hills
  4. Pioneer Grove
  5. Meztli Station
  6. Puerto Tereza

Maps that have one:

  1. Museum
  2. Rooftops
  3. Mineville Uni
  4. Leafloria

People suggested keeping the etables on Mineville and Rooftops. What do you think?


+1 sick of that melon man guy haunting me with his power 1 bow spam !!


I agree with the suggestion to keep the enchanting tables on Mineville and Rooftops, at least.

This is especially important for Mineville as it tends to be a very open map - i.e. there will be lots of people who will stay around the tester for large parts of the game.

I don’t think Museum or Leafloria should keep them since players are usually distributed around the map more so than the other two that currently have enchanting tables.

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Remove on all maps, getting a melon man game 2/5th of the time is still bad.

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This suggestion has been discussed internally and will be partially implemented in the next update.