Suggestions by forgiobombi

First suggestion isn’t only for CAI but for the whole network.

  • Add Clan/Guild system. (Clan would be cooler :D).
    (i will go more in dept about the clan system with its commands and features at the end of the suggestion post)

  • Add a website like ( ) for CAI monthlies, WinStreak Leaderboard, And All-time Leaderboard (And future gamemodes too).

  • Add a top 5 WinStreak Hologram in the Waiting lobby of CAI.

  • Add a Team “inviter/creator” item (Like the one in Hive waiting lobbys) to invite people to your team.

Clan System:

/clan create {name}
Allows user to create a clan.

/clan invite {username}
/clan {username}
Allows user to invite someone to his clan.

/clan show {name} or {username}
/clan info {name} or {username}
Allows user to see information about a User’s clan.

/clan owner {username}
/clan leader {username}
Give a user clan Leadership.

/clan admin {username}
Promote a user to clan admin.

/clan moderator {username}
/clan mod {username}
Promote a user to clan moderator.

/clan perm
/clan permissions
Opens a GUI to edit Moderator Role And Admin Role permission (ability to kick someone , etc… ).

/clan discrod {link}
Add clan’s public discord (which will show up in clan info).

/clan leave
Leave the clan which the user is currently in.

/clan disband
Disband the clan.

/clan prefix {prefix}
Allow user to select what prefix show in TAB.
Example: /clan prefix HDL | TAB will be : forgiobombi [HDL]

/clan war {name}
Opens a GUI with variables like number of players partecipating, gamemode, etc… And send a clan war request to a clan.

/clan requests
Opens a GUI with all incoming clan war request.
Right click = Deny Clan war
Left click = Accept Clan war
Middle mouse button = See clan war variables

/clan name {name}
/clan rename {name}
/clan title {name}
Change clan name.

/clan top {variable}
Show clan top by variable.
Example: /clan top CAI point | Will open a GUI with a clan top of CAI by points.

/clan open
Makes your clan public (everyone can join) Default will be private (so only if somoene gets invited can join)

/clan deposit {amount}
Deposit network coins to the clan “bank”.

/clan withdraw {amount}
Withdraw network coins from the clan “bank”.

For now these are the main functions i can remember of.
Obviously i’m gonna remember lots of others thing after i posted it and i will cry. :cry:


Sounds cool I like the ideas but i don’t think a winstreak hologram is really needed for cai