Suggestions for maps


  1. Different times, example: (Rooftops should be changed to night time).

  2. The windmill side of “Golden Hills” should be opened, and maybe add an ender chest inside the windmill.

  3. More chests and ender chests in Puerto Tereza + removal of the nether star on top of the library as it’s completely unnecessary.


Make the maps Pioneer Grove and Meztli Station a bit bigger. Pioneer Grove is overall too open and Meztli Station is super tiny, resulting in very difficult traitor gameplay.

Edit: Now that I’ve finished playing all of the new maps, I can say that I like all of the new maps except for these two. The builders really did a great job.

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hi @Croewen & @d3d :slight_smile:

I’m going to reply to the comments made about my maps first (because… obviously I made them) and then I’ll reply to the other comments about Time/Rooftops and Puerto Tereza.

For Golden Hills, I personally think that adding the windmill to the playable area would be a mistake. If you look at the following screenshots (here), you can see it’s pretty small. It would mean people could easily camp, which is just a big no from me.

As for Pioneer and Meztli, I struggle a little with the idea of “closing” Pioneers. The first version was (very) closed off and it resulted in a few camping situations. We fixed that and while some think it may be too open now, if we were to change it again it would probably result in similiar situations as before. As for Meztli, I agree that it’s rather small (it’s pretty interesting for quick games though) but we’ve been working on making it a little bigger. Should be (hopefully) out next week :).

The different times comment is pretty interesting not gonna lie. Would you only change Rooftops or do you have other suggestions? Fun fact: Puerto got around 100 chests (which is more than other maps) and two Enderchests. I believe changing the numbers is unnecessary to be honest. Also, I think there’s no need to remove the nether stars (there’s 3). It doesn’t do anything, but it reminds me of the “old days”. Plus it doesn’t affect the gameplay so it’s pretty useless to remove something so small.


Thanks for the feedback!

As for the different times suggestion I’d only change Rooftops and Puerto Tereza (both to night time) for now.

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