The previous TIMV event

Busy with school, I haven’t gotten to write this but here I am now. In the previous TIMV event, I think that the events should be more organized. I mean the event was cool and fun but there were multiple bugs. Either the event was not well tested or it was not well made. Listing the kinds of bugs there were. The place you were in sometimes were flipped in reverse so 1st would be like 200th place. If you had played before the event timer reset happen, you would have extra karma because the karma didn’t reset and only the timer. Sometimes your game will bug and the game you just played won’t give you karma even though you got positive karma that game. Also some people were karma baiting and hacking as well. Although the bugs, I like some part of the event. I like how there wasn’t a live leaderboard. There was a diverse amount of maps. The idea of the timer. I don’t exactly know what goes on the process of making these events but I think this event lacked in testing. I suggest a Testing role where people purposely would play the test event or game for bugs. Obviously it should have an application to get people that actually are willing to test the game mode. The testing role could also make it so that the people that have tested an event aren’t allowed to play in that event since that would give them an advantage. Again, I don’t know if you guys already have something like this but I think there should be more tester. I feel like this would be important for bedwars being released soon, I don’t want people to discover a new bugs every new game they join.

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