2022 KIG is coming!

How’s everyone been doing on kig and are you excited for 2022?

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2021 has sure been a busy year, and to be honest, I don’t expect 2022 to be any less bustling.
Looking back at this year’s progress, I’m even more excited for what’s about to come next.
With the addition of the new game mode, BedWars (which we’re looking to share more on soon™), and other substantial changes on our to-do list, I think creating this server won’t get boring any time soon :happysmilingmilk:

I hope everyone had a happy festive season and a great time with friends and family. Happy new year and take care!


I agree. I still can’t how much the kig server grew from before to now. You guys as admins are doing a great job and you should keep up with the hard work. :+1:

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