Bed Wars Development Log #1

Hey! We’re here with a first development log of the new game-mode Bed Wars.
While the game is not ready for release quite yet, we have made some progress that we’d like to share with the community. If you have any questions about something we mention in this thread, don’t hesitate to ask! Moreover, we’d like to mention that we’re very happy about map submissions in #maps:bed-maps, so if you still have a Bed Wars map laying around, feel free to submit it there.

As this development log is about a WIP version of the game mode, we cannot guarantee that everything mentioned herein is going to remain unchanged in the final release. However, everything that we show in this thread is already implemented and working. We’re not showing you a utopian version of the mode that might exist someday.

Anyway, with all necessary warnings and disclaimers out of the way, let’s get to the changes that we’re showcasing today.

Infinite Item Stacking

To prevent client-side lag, we’ve implemented infinite item entity stacking. Instead of displaying one entity per stack of items on the ground, your client only has to render one stack per type of item.
Can you guess how many items are on the ground here?

Click to see how many


Ever had your internet time out in a game of Bed Wars? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just rejoin the game? Well, now you can.
We’ve ported our rejoin manager from CAI to Bed Wars. You can use /rejoin within two minutes after being disconnected. Beds are automatically destroyed once the last player in a team cannot rejoin anymore.

Rejoining only works as long as your team still has a bed, and you can only rejoin once/match.

Rejoin Text

Combining various items in the crafting grid

Sometimes, dealing with multiple smaller stacks of differently coloured wool can be annoying. We’ve added a feature where you can combine them in your inventory’s crafting grid.
This feature also applies to other items that can be hard to stack like glass, bridge builders, and stained clay.

Native 1.8 PVP

Our servers run on 1.8.9 software, and we’re using native 1.8 PVP. Not having to emulate the most popular version of PVP, combat should feel exactly how you expect it.
We’re going to talk about PVP in-depth in a future development log, but we’d like to confirm that our PVP is going to be native 1.8 as soon as possible.

Features for newer versions of the game

As our servers are still running on 1.8.9, we’d normally miss out on features like coloured beds and the new Villager professions. However, we changed our compatibility layer to enable us to access these features in 1.8. While they obviously won’t display in 1.8, you can enjoy various version-specific details in later client versions.

Sound Design and Particles

Sometimes, there are things you only notice when they’re missing. Sound effects are one of those features that don’t feel necessary until you turn them off.
With our release of Bed Wars, we’re trying to get all the small details like sound effects, particles, and animations right. While you probably won’t notice them in-game until you remember reading this development log, we still think it’s worth spending countless hours to make our version of the game-mode well-rounded.


We’ve already implemented some cosmetics like arrow trails from other game modes into Bed Wars. It’s certainly nice to have some cosmetics already finished, but with the Bed Wars release, we’re also going to add new types of cosmetics to the game that allow you to personalise your experience even more. We can’t show you a final list of cosmetics quite yet, but keep an eye out for our future development logs and the Bed Wars updates channel on Discord.

Arrow trails


omg. Stop making bedwars and port over a relevant game like skygiants. SMH I’m boycotting kig

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