[bw:solos] Carnival

From the creator of the worst TIMV map comes:
= Carnival =

I’ve been bored the past few nights, so after fixing myself some vodka I got to work on making a bedwars map, like any normal person would do.

Random info:

  • Possible to bridge from starter island - diamond island - middle island with 32 blocks (with some thought and jumping)
  • Space for villagers, summoners, enderchest, etc.
  • Mini golf : D
  • Lots of space for pvp + chokepoints or whatever thts called
  • Better than Orbit (maybe)
  • Size of the islands themselves is comparable to something like Bonsai or Castle while the layout is close to the duos map Cityscape.
  • I ran out of vodka at some point and I’m sure the quality of the map will reflect that

Imgur: The magic of the Internet

If you have any thoughts, don’t leave them below bc I won’t see them!
(But if you really have something to say, you can send it on discord: worst#9915)

Hey @Cherishes, Thanks for the map submission!

Our team liked the screenshots you provided, and we’d like to test the map with our game council.
Could you please DM us the map file on the forums or on Discord?

Thank you again for contributing to our Bed Wars release!