Discord Update Suggestions

The KIG Discord Server is the only official channel of communication being regularly used apart from the forums, and because of that, it is very important to keep it updated and to use it to encourage people to play the server more often. This is why I think it should have the following updates:

  • TIMV, Bedwars, Gravity & Block Party roles: add a role for people from these communities, just like there is one with CAI, to be able to ping anyone else who might be interested in playing these games. I think this would help bring more attention to gamemodes that don’t usually have players like Bedwars, Gravity or Block Party for people who might not be so interested in CAI or TIMV, and to help bring back together a community for these gamemodes. This would also help TIMV to get players in moments of the day when there might not be enough players online, and help bring more livelihood to the server.

  • Update the roles channel: with the addition of the new roles from the first suggestion, it would also be cleaner to have a more updated roles channel that instead of using a bot to give roles, used the new discord tool to give roles to players in a more flashy and easily understandable way (for example the same way the LabyMod official discord server does it)

  • Show online player count: for players who don’t usually have Minecraft open, it could be an encouragement to join if they could directly see if there are people playing from discord itself. The way to show this would preferably be a locked server channel with the current player count on its channel name, but if this is too hard it could also be implemented as a command for the Kig Bot to see how many and what players are online (excluding staff in vanish mode).

  • Revive giveaways channel with achievable goals: the giveaways channel hasn’t been used since 2021. It could be used to tease future giveaways to be held when new server growth goals are reached. Perhaps a certain amount of server likes on NameMC? A certain amount of concurrent users during an event? An amount of likes on a possible new way of advertising like Youtube or Instagram? There are many possibilities to bring the community together towards a goal that could help the server grow!

Which of these suggestions would you like to see implemented? Do you disagree with any? Make sure to leave your opinions below!

Edit: Apparently there is a KIG Twitter and Youtube channel, but they are very hard to find and have little to no content. Perhaps there could be more content to advertise the server?
What the staff did with Bedwars is no small feature and there is no mention of it for people who doesn’t already know the server