Double Karma TIMV

The possibility of earning Double Karma during a game.

Every player, during pre-game, has the possibility to make a Double Karma round happen.

How does it work?
Every round will have a chance to feature Double Karma, which will be determined by a counter that goes from 0%-100% (displayed in the lobby). It’ll then pick based on that number and if the game features Double Karma it’ll announce it during the Loot Phase.

What determines the chance of Double Karma?
The players! During the pre-game lobby, any player will be able to increase the Double Karma chance by 1% for the price of 50 coins. Each time a player buys 1% of Double Karma chance it’ll be assigned to their person. The Double Karma chances of every player will be added together and it’ll determine the general chance that the round has of featuring Double Karma. The chance assigned to a player will remain until they play a round with Double Karma, when the chance will reset for the players involved and their personal counters will go back to 0%.

Every game starts with a 0% chance of double karma.
Player_One joins the game. He has a 0% chance of double karma, as well, but he decides to spend 50 coins on buying 1% chance. The game now has a 1% chance of starting with Double Karma.
Player_Two joins, but he had bought double karma chances from previous games. He had bought it a total of 5 times, meaning he carries a 5% chance of double karma. The game now has a 6% chance of starting with double karma.
This goes on with all the players that join, adding up all their bought chances to determine if the game starts with double karma or not, only resetting their chances when a game actually features double karma.

Feel free to leave some feedback on the idea :slight_smile:


Seems pretty cool, maybe needs some balancing, but i love this idea

Eh, don’t think it’s necessary

To some extent it would reduce roleplaying. During Double Karma rounds, players would surely push to get some kills.

The main issue of the “give more stats” suggestions (in any mode, really) is that they break some statistics like the karma record.

Now, this could be acceptable if for example we were redefining the stat itself so everyone would have a fair base to start from, but in this case we’d have players that were able to attend the double karma rounds keep a much higher record for an indeterminate amount of time over other players.

I wouldn’t implement these measures as an attempt to solve boring games. If they wanted to get karma, they could easily get it by killing people; increasing the rewards isn’t going to change much.