Game Starting Adjustments


I have a random suggestion. I suppose this would work for any gamemode, but I am specifically speaking about TIMV right now. While playing today, I noticed that there can be a few very small games going at a time. My suggestion is that, depending on how many players are playing the gamemode, the minimum player requirement increases to promote fuller games. I don’t have any ideas for the specifics surrounding this, but as an example, let’s say more than 30 players are playing. Because of this, the minimum player amount increases from 4 to 10.

I think that the low minimum player amount is great for slower times, but it would be really cool to get more full games in peak times.

Let me know what you guys think!

Have a great one,


Would like to see this but it would be hard for the server to sense when to activate the higher limit. Although it could backfire and make players have to wait 5 minutes extra cause the other lobby is vibing.
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