How to Play: Kig-o'-ween

This year we’re releasing a special game as part of our Halloween event!
Featuring an original game concept, we’re ready to present Kig-o’-ween.

Kig-o’-ween is a free-for-all PvP minigame, in which players can choose a class to try
and dominate the battlefield.


  • Points: you can earn points by defeating players. The first player to reach 20 points wins! The game can also end after 10 minutes, and the players with the most points will enter the podium.

  • Kill Streaks: if you get consecutive kills without being defeated, you may earn bonus points that help you climb the leaderboard.
  • Rampage!: if you get enough kills without respawning, you will enter a rampage state. While rampaged, other players will earn bonus points for defeating you.

  • Classes: there are four classes to choose from, each with its own unique playstyle.
  • Changing classes: you are free to choose whichever class you prefer during the warmup phase. During live game, you can change your class at selected points in the map. Keep an eye out for special terminals that might appear on your minimap.

  • Treats: a special currency gained on kill. You can use it to buy permanent class upgrades, that will persist when you respawn or change class.
  • Tricks: a rare currency gained on kill. Use it to buy temporary upgrades or restock your inventory. But be careful, as being defeated will make you drop all your Tricks.

Class overview


An eerie figure, skilled in melee combat with a menacing scythe.
Known for their blend of strength and moderate agility.

The Reaper wields a durable scythe that starts with moderate strength,
which is compounded by decent agility and good durability.

It can also increase its speed temporarily, and set flame fields to
slow foes down.


A spellcaster who challenges foes with otherworldly elemental attacks.
Agile and spectral, though fragile at the same time.

Ghosts can surprise foes with magic attacks and their skills as pyromancers.

The Ghost is very agile: it can move at a faster speed than normal.


A lumbering brute, wielding an axe for crushing melee blows.
Slow but supernaturally strong.

Zombies are very resistant to damage, and can also perform heavy-hitting
counterattacks. On the other hand, they move a bit slower than normal.

Some higher-developed versions can set up traps to slow down and launch foes!


An archer who can deal heavy damage with bow and arrows.
Nimble but deadly accurate.

Skeletons primarily fight with their high-accuracy bow. Damage dealt will increase the farther they are from the target.

Under certain circumstances, skeletons can be extremely deadly, and might even defeat foes in one shot!


So, which class do you like the most?

You can try Kig-o’-ween starting Saturday, Oct 14 at 8PM CEST.
Make sure to join our Discord server to follow the latest updates.

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