I'm making a KIG iceberg, anyone know any secrets / not well known stuff to put on it?

the title
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I’ll list a bunch of them:

  • The first code to the project was pushed on Aug 3, 2020, while the first testing session (for Cowboys and Indians) came two days later. The first public match was hosted on September 1.
  • The first public match to have a working game log was this CAI game from Jan 7, 2021.
  • The Contributor rank is the rank that has changed colors the most. It started as light green (the current Myth), then changed to dark aqua (the current Game Council), and ultimately settled on dark purple.
  • @Til is the player who’s had the most ranks so far. He started as a Kig (when the rank was some sort of VIP), then became Contributor (for his CAI rebuilding efforts), Builder, Host (old CAI role, responsible for starting events etc.), Moderator and Build Team Leader. Before we had the bot automatically manage roles, he also had the most roles on Discord.