KIG Easter Event

KIG Easter Event

If you’ve joined our server today, you will have noticed that it’s slightly more flowery :rabbit: :egg:

Spring has come to KIG, and we’ve released an Easter version of our Hub alongside an Egg hunt.
If you manage to find all 20 hidden Easter eggs, you get an exclusive bunny pet!

Bunny Pet

Hive Java Closing Anniversary

Today also marks one year since the Hive Java network shut down.

Because of this, we’re adding a Nectar Jar Pet that’s available for one week starting today.
To claim your pet, head to the Delivery Man near the spawn.

We’re also making two exclusive in-game cosmetics available again: the Bee Arrow Trail (CAI) and the Bee Body Armor (TIMV). You can get these by participating in the respective events. Check our Discord server for more details about the event.

New pets

We’ve added new pets to the hub, and we’ve changed the way exclusive pets are counted:
Exclusive pets are no longer counted toward the total number of pets.

Pets Menu

After this update, we have a grand total of 80 non-exclusive pets for you to find :gift:

What about Bed Wars? :bed:

Yes, we’re still working on Bed Wars, and we’re going to release a Build Blog soon. Stay tuned for that :wink:

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