KIG Halloween Event 2022

It’s the spookiest season of the year again, and we’ve decorated our hub accordingly :ghost:
That also means that the Halloween scavenger hunt is back!

Ghost Hunt

Twenty ghosts have escaped from KIG HQ’s deepest dungeon again to haunt the hub.
If you can help us find all of them, you’ll receive the exclusive Treat Pumpkin pet.

This pet is only available during this year’s Halloween event, and once we’ve managed
to catch all the ghosts and return the hub to its normal state, there’s no way to obtain
your very own Treat Pumpkin.

More pets

We’ve noticed that some avid collectors have already found most pets using the
shard machines. That’s why we’ve added 30 more pets (including 10 Halloween-themed
pets). You can always use the shard machines with the shards you get for logging in to
the server or completing events for a chance to find one of the new pets.

That’s it (for now)!

The KIG team would like to thank you for playing on our server. We hope that you’ll
enjoy this little update as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it. We’re always working
on ways to improve the server, and if you have a suggestion, we’d love to hear it!
You can always suggest changes or submit maps on the forums.

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