Main ideas to make the server more comfortable

Mm. Hello everyone. my name is huqz. i just wanted to add a suggestions to help the server to be better. it’s good at all , but To keep away from hive mistakes.

Number1. Please when you get anti cheat system And it at least kick the hacker if he reaching or ka or scallfolding. don’t add anti- cheat system before testing it.

Number 2. Hit reg. Hit reg is too important at pvp. There is alot of hive players the 1st thing for them is pvp, so that’s why hit regs are importan. imma give a hint Make the hit reg like Hive before the latest update. it was good and comfortable for bw and sw player and specially sg.

Number 3. it’s my sugg it’s not for the genral, but i suggest to add new ranks and start from the first . like hive. I understand that’s hard to make people reset from first . but it’s more enjoyable. What is the point if u just started playin and u have the highest Rank?!. I sug to add it in bedwars,

Best wishes

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Hi huqz, I’d like to reply to your points one by one as a member of the community.

1.- I haven’t had any issues with the anti-cheat nor have I heard someone talk about it, so I’m afraid I cannot comment a lot about this.

2.- Hitreg is very important, I completely agree with you there, I’ve found myself struggling to PvP here because the hitreg is not the greatest, although personally I have to take in count my ping as the server is hosted in a different continent.

3.- New ranks is something I’d like to see aswell, assuming you’re talking about minigame points-based ranks. I would have to disagree on making players reset their points, though. That’s one of the few things that us Hive former players can take away from the server, our stats. Being able to bring them to another server and continue to go up the ranks is something that I personally like a lot.

Have a good day :slight_smile:

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  1. Stop teamers (baconplaza and his friends uhm)
  2. Stop rdmers
  3. a report system
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