Map Submission [3 Maps]

Some Small City
Cause i have no idea how to name it

A small city with a church, the background is full of trees and it’s very cozy :heart:



Kinda greek styled map, placed on a poisonous ocean.



I already tried to submit that one before, but it’s changed a bit now so i’m trying to submit it again! The crypts are hidden under the church, including a laboratory. Tbh i don’t know what i had in my mind while i was building this.


Hiya, thanks for putting in the effort to make these maps! Just a small request, however - is it possible for you to produce a video for each map that shows you walking around it, so we can see how each area is connected? It’s a little tricky from just screenshots to gauge that, which is why I ask.

Also, from looking at the screenshots, I have a few aesthetic criticisms - the block palette is nice for each map, but in specific buildings/structures/other elements of the maps the actual block variation can be a little bland. There is also a little bland terrain in some places, and there is quite often a lot of empty space without much ‘going on’ as it were where the space is empty. These are just a few things I’d note for improvement!

Also, another tip with the buildings and structures, try to add some depth to them! You have done a good job of this in quite a few instances, but try to make this consistent across the whole of the maps, as it adds an extra layer of three-dimensionality which makes a map more immersive and aesthetically interesting.

If you are pressed for time and would like to focus on one map specifically, I’d recommend Atlantis, since it seems to most different to maps we already have, and I would say it is so far the strongest map of the three!

This is my feedback, but again, videos would really help with giving me an understanding of how the maps are structured. Don’t worry if you haven’t got a PC that records high quality videos, any video will be very helpful!


Thank you, here’s a vid of Atlantis

Hello again, thanks for the video! I really like how there is a lot of verticality in that different passages and corridors pass under each other and I like the overall theme of the map. There are a few things that need work though, namely being that there are several areas of the map that don’t leave a lot of room for pvp, such as narrow 2 block wide corridors and ledges to knock people into the water.

Aesthetics wise, some of the buildings could do with some more detail, and a little bit more colour might be nice too. There are also some spaces that look a little bit empty, for example some of the ledges or open spaces, and the water itself. I’d recommend making the floor of the water inside the map have a varied depth and perhaps more colourful, water surrounding the map have details within it - perhaps islands, beaches in the distance or colourful fish - and for the ledges/open spaces which look a bit empty (for example at 2:22 and 2:45), perhaps try adding some ‘furniture’ as it were.

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