Map submission (Calcedony)

Map created by: NoirLune Team; chuboii, Deotsy, Sahory (plus the help of SadJai & samay)

The maps theme is an underwater palace, inspired by The Lord of the Rings and the mythological world of Atlantis, no maps on KIG have this type of ambience and would create a nice change in atmosphere in the KIG/TIMV maps

The map contains 125 chests and 4 enderchests. We have created both a walkthrough (video) and a album/presentation (presentation) to showcase the map in detail.

Measures: 93 x 72

We would like it if the water was poisonous (such as the water under the tester), in regards to a traitor trap we have would like it if there was a ‘disappearing floor’ trap which would lead to the player falling in poison water underneath. Both of these locations are shown on the walkthrough/album.

Would love to hear the feedback from players : )


Very cute map!! There are a few spots that look a little small but I’m sure that can be changed if needed :)!

Would love to see it in game :eyes:


I’m pretty impressed by the looks of the map, and from what I can tell the different levels and closed off areas will be helpful for gameplay. I would ask to make it only have 3 enderchests because the more iron swords you have the worse the game is overall.
Anyways excited to see more maps like this soon.
-skip pop bob