Map Submission (Depths Palace)

Depths Palace

Hello KIG community players, if we are here, it’s to present our map to you. The theme is based on water, we wanted to do something that is in the water, we naturally made a map under the sea. We wanted to do something quite unique and we succeeded since we made a map based on the theme of the ocean, the main element of the map is the palace, there is an outside in front and another outside behind the castle.

The palace itself contains three floors: a ground floor, a first floor, then the attic which constitutes the second floor. In addition to this our castle has a basement. To walk between all these floors, just use the stairs. We do not yet know if we will leave the outside free to access since the map is already large enough with the palace itself. We are waiting for your opinions concerning the access or not to the outside.

Measures: 84 x 93

There are 113 chests and 4 enderchests (if we count the outside). There’s no traitor trap or enchanting table but there is a disc and a jukebox.

To see it better, here is a video presenting our map as well as some screenshots.

Created by Yuminowh, _DarkAngel2233 (with the help of SilentWolfie and elfartsmeller <3)

Special thanks to PepperDoc for the video and for the screenshots <3


Wow, i just checked out this map and it looks really cool. Would love to see it in game and play in it!

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Great map, very different from the others. I hope it will be added to be able to play it !


You made me visit the map so I already know how incredible the map is, like the amount of heads it has.
And I hope people will like this map as well.