Map Submission - Paradise (TIMV)

After months of building, this map was finished in March of 2020 and submitted to the Hive forums. It was well received by the community, but unfortunately not added to the game.

There are currently 115 chests and 4 ender chests.

This map features a paradise setting, hence the name. It has 6 main islands, one with a large underground cave. A traitor trap will remove the bridge next to the tester for a small amount of time. There is also a set of clouds surrounding the tester, making it easier for traitors to shoot into it and preventing camping. There is a small village in front of a monument, a set of stairs from which players will go up at the beginning of the game, many small caves littered throughout, and lots of different structures dotting the islands.

Throughout the building process, we attempted to remove as many dead ends as possible, make the map the perfect size, and make it equally fair for both traitors and innocents.

Here is a gallery of images for display. Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Please provide feedback, we are still open to editing the map at the current moment!

Created by Drcgon, jesshawty, FontGuy.
Special thanks to Vieta_ and Windward.


I kinda feel like it’s hard to judge with only a few pictures… Could you provide a video of the map maybe? Or more pictures if you can’t record?

And what about the size of the map? o: In some pictures the map looks a little small, but in other pictures it looks quite big…


I agree with syds that it’s rather hard to judge this map with the handful of pictures we have, a video would be very helpful!

Also just a general observation, a couple photos look a little empty, and perhaps leaves the map slightly open. In some places I think I would be able to kill an innocent and run from the body for maybe 10 seconds and still have people definitively see that I’m running from the body!

Other than that the map looks very pretty although I’d perhaps use a slightly more varied block palette? It doesn’t pertain so much to the gameplay, but the floor in some areas and even some buildings look a little bland.