Media Rank Requirements

The Media rank is given to content creators that actively make content on KIG.
You can apply for this rank if you meet the requirements below.

For streamers

  • 3 streams/month on the server
  • Average 10 viewers per stream
  • 100 Twitch followers (or YouTube subs)

For YouTubers

  • 200 subscribers
  • Minimum 500 views on new KIG videos after a week
  • At least 2 videos/month on the server

We’re not considering other social media platforms at the moment.

How to apply

If you believe you meet the requirements above, you can send an email to media [at]
Be sure to include:

  • Your Minecraft username
  • Your platform (YouTube/Twitch) and a link to your channel
  • Information about yourself, including what interests you the most when playing on KIG.

Good luck to all applicants!