More Suggestions #2


  • Friends List when showing [HUB] Shouldn’t be in dark gray color it is currently, it should be a lighter color this is why. Screenshot by Lightshot it’s almost impossible to tell by just looking at it for a second that someone is offline or if someone is in the hub.
  • Toggling off players in the hub should toggle off the Hub Gun
  • A timeline like hive has for what you plan for the future.
  • Coin/EXP Multiplier for ranks
  • Custom Colored ranks for KIG (ranks can be any color except staff colors and black)


  • Randomize names to avoid targeting.
  • Ranks have a higher chance to get DET/T roles.
  • Kills the T after 3-4mins of inactivity from the T (would need rework from what i’m saying)
  • Bot mode

Ranks having higher chances would be pay2win.