New map submission (Leafloria)

Submission for our new map < Leafloria > , created by Sahory, chuboii, Deotsy Samay and Jaiphin.
The theme for the map is fairy/fantasy, which would be a great addition to KIG as there are no maps related to this theme.

This map is constituted of 3 sections, the section in “front” of the tester is accessible by 3 ways and the back section by 4 ways (easy escape routes). For example, an open bridge connecting the two sections and a tunnel located in front of one of the houses

Contains 127 chests and 4 enderchests.


Echest 1

Echest 2

Echest 3

Echest 4

Escape routes


Seems to be a nice and good-looking map, however I think the post needs a bit more information for players to give an in-depth review.

I’d include more screenshots of the map, perhaps as an Imgur album (example) and maybe a video showcasing gameplay (example). With the current images, you can’t tell for example where the tester is relative to the rest of the map.

I don’t know if this is an oversight or a deliberate omission, but are there any traitor traps or enchantment tables?

Overall, I think the unique theme (which is also kind of unique in TIMV, seeing that the only map that comes close is maybe Wonderland) makes it a worthy addition, but I’d still like to see what people think.


Thanks for the feedback, we have made a Canva presentation (presentation) and a video/ walkthrough (video) to show the map in more detail.

For the traitor trap, a suffocating could be an option. There is 1 enchantment table in one of the houses which are shown in the presentation.
Alongside that, the spawning should be randomly placed around the map.

Hopefully, this is enough for players to get more information on the map : )

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Thank you for the video and the presentation, I believe they make everything very clear.

So I believe the map is indeed very interesting, and most enclosed spaces don’t really have big camping issues as you can easily enter from the other side.

I’m not sure about the size though. While it looks kinda good in theory, it might be a bit too big for late-game situations. How big is it? Measurements like these help us compare it to the maps we already have.

About the trap, I meant that you didn’t specify it in the original post, of course having a trap isn’t a requirement. If you think the map works better without one, we can honour that decision.

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I see what you mean about the map being a bit large, but due to the flowers/ mushrooms and other large structures as well as the borders (mountains), the playable space is a decent size.

As for the measurements, it’s a bit hard to measure accurately with the map shape, but we have made a close approximation for the overall map and then the 3 sections.

Overall: 198x108
Farm: 32x100
Tester: 87x106
Shops: 64x77

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The map is now live on the server. Congratulations!