New role : Assassin


As you know TIMV’s gameplay has been the same for a long time. And I’m pretty sure that with new ideas this game mode could be even more interesting than it already is.

That’s why with the great help of @iAmABox I’m able to submit this suggestion of a brand new role to spice up your TIMV games!


Team : Neutral

Objective : From the start to the end of a game multiple targets will be randomly assigned to you one by one. Your objective is to kill them all.

Win condition : You have to be the last man standing.

Shop :

  • Spoofer : 2 points
  • Map (shows targets location) : 3 points
  • ?

More information :

  • You know the role of your target.

  • You earn 1 point per target killed. (to spend in shop)

  • When you kill a target or when you fail (killed by someone else, leaves the game, etc) another one will be assigned to you.

  • Lights will turn on if you test, just like they would if you were a traitor.

  • Traitors will see you as an innocent (with a green nametag).

  • There is only 1 assassin per game regardless of the number of players


This would be epic #suggestions

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This would be a cool idea, as you said the game has always had the same aspects and this would change things up a little bit : )


e-p-i-c let’s go
might add a new way to enjoy timv’s gameplay for sure !


yo this idea is cool


this idea is sick bro


This would be awesome!


What if this was added as a secondary mode ? Like you can play the normal TIMV anytime, and then sometimes you have these kind of additions as a secondary gamemode


I was told by Redwinz to write a comment down here just like others users but this idea would be so COOL!!

Please put in game ASAP!!


I think this is a really cool idea! However, I’m personally afraid that something like this might change the game too much and make a game that is already tough for new players to understand even worse in that regard. I do, however, think this could definitely work as some type of game modifier that is only active sometimes (I saw an idea similar to this posted on the forums by Veracruz and thought it was a good one), or if the players in the game decide they want to use it.


Thank you all for your comments!! I’m sure something good can be done about this idea with all of your feedback :slight_smile:

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This is actually a pretty interesting idea, though I have some skepticism: Is the assassin allowed to say if his target is innocent or traitor since they are neutral? It’s technically not your standard ghosting since you aren’t rating out the roll of someone on your team.

Two: This will mane the game fairly harder for traitors. Traitors never really have to worry about their safety as long as they haven’t done anything, but with the new assassin they’ll have to worry even if they spoofed. Honestly I’ve come to the conclusion a good game is where the traitors have better chances of winning, i don’t know if a single assassin is enough to change the game, but it’s something to keep in mind.

Third: This will make it easier for rdmers to do their thing. Sure rolls will be revealed at the end but it may or may not increase confusion within the game.

Those are my main concerns but I really love the idea and if these get sorted it will make the game really fun. Also one last thing, I think it should be a fifty percent chance that an assassin is in a game.


Thank you for your comment Liam :slight_smile:

  1. “Is the assassin allowed to say if his target is innocent or traitor since they are neutral?”
    No. It’s not ghosting indeed but it would be crossteaming since the assassin don’t have teammates.

  2. “This will mane the game fairly harder for traitors.” Yes and no. The assassin can have a traitor as a target but also an innocent or a det. As targets are randomly assigned the assassin will have on average more innocents targets than traitors. Sometimes it will help traitors and sometimes make it harder for them indeed.

  3. At their own risk. I think we are not going to deprive the game mode of new features just because there are rdmers. That would be sad. And mods are here for that.

  4. “I think it should be a fifty percent chance that an assassin is in a game.” Yeah why not :slight_smile:
    Or Veracruz suggested that this role (and other things to determine) could be playable only in “weekend modifiers” and I like this idea too!

I hope you will be less skeptical with these replies :slight_smile:


A cool idea! I’d like to welcome something new that would slightly change the gameplay, so I just agree, thanks for suggesting this. :grin:

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That’s a very interesting idea and I’m glad you were able to get Box’s help on this.

That said, I have some remarks on some of the ideas:

  • First, I don’t think 0 karma on wrong kills is a good idea. I think it should follow the regular innocent rules here. It may defeat the point of the role, but having innocent-like gameplay can make it way more accessible too.
  • What would happen if innocents win? Would everyone get points and coins save for the assassin?

@Joey [add it as a secondary mode]

I don’t think this is a good idea since it would split the player base, and in the current state it’s better to have all the players in one mode. Instead it could be random with a fairly low chance (< 10%) or picked via voting.

I believe this has been said already, but this needs to be as simple as possible so it can be easily understood by both new and returning players.

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Thank you for your feedback Rocco :slight_smile:

To respond to your remarks :

  • Yes you’re right. We wanted the assassin to lose 10 or 20 karma per wrong kill. But imagine the assassin kills a target and is seen by someone who is not their next target. They get chased and just can’t defend themself unless they want to lose karma.

  • I would say yes or maybe it would depend on which team killed the assassin. Actually I don’t know exactly how you get coins and points in timv and how many per game x)

This has now been implemented and it will be tested in a limited time event starting this Friday.

For more info on how it works, please read this guide: How to Play: Assassin Role

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