[Out Now] New Hub, Pets, Mounts, Hub Games & more

New Hub

Release date: 2021-06-20
We will have a scheduled maintenance at 11 AM CEST to deploy the update.

To make room for new game modes and to give you a nice place to hang out, our build team spent countless hours reimagining our Hub. The new one features a maze with rewards, a PVP arena, an Electric Floor mini-game, and a KIG Of The Hill game.

PvP Arena & Duels

We’ve added a new PvP Arena to the Hub. It has both a free-for-all and a private 1v1 duel mode. To duel a player, type /duel <name> in-game, select a kit and wait for them to accept.

Delivery Man & Login Streak

We have a new NPC in the Hub: Dan the Delivery Man. In addition to providing voting rewards (NameMC for now, others coming soon™), he hands out shards and special rewards for login streaks. For example, you can claim my personal favourite, the spider mount, after reaching a 30-day streak. It can actually climb walls just like a real spider! Well, like a real Minecraft spider, but it’s still really cool.
Shards are a new currency that you can use in shard machines. Every shard contains a reward, but some are rarer than others.

Pets and Mounts

As mentioned above, we added new mounts, but did I tell you about the new pets? Being a special reward that you can get from the shard machines, they follow you wherever you go. Find your favourite pet and make it your companion today!

CAI Area and Working TIMV Tester

Our new Hub is much larger than the old one, so obviously, there’s a lot to discover. We’re 100% certain you will find your favourite spot to chat with others or to take a break from playing.

Other Features

This update also includes new quality of life features for the entire network. Discord boosters can now /togglerank DISCORD even if they already have a premium rank. This way, you get to enjoy the pink booster colour while keeping your premium perks!

Moreover, the parkour now has a leaderboard hologram that shows the best players together with their times.

For a more detailed list of changes, please check our changelog on Discord. If you didn’t join our Discord already, use /discord in-game to get the invite.

Thanks for reading, and stay safe, peeps! With the Hub update out of the way, we’ll focus on our next game mode now.