[Out Now] TIMV & CAI: 2nd Anniversary Update

Today we’re celebrating our second anniversary! We started back in August 2020 as a CAI-only server, growing into the network we now are. We’d like to thank you all for your continued support.

We’ve got a lot to come in the future, but in the meantime please enjoy this gameplay update for both Trouble in Mineville and Cowboys and Indians.

The update will be released this weekend (Saturday, August 13), alongside an assassin role event (TIMV) and standard events. (CAI)

Trouble in Mineville: “Welcome to Woodbury (Revisited)”

A revamp of an old community map is coming to Trouble in Mineville! Unlike the Canal revamp, this tries to be very loyal to the original map, with a slight touch to adapt it to the style of our modern maps.

Welcome to Woodbury
Welcome to Woodbury (Revisited)
Original: xBayani, JPLikesGames
Revamp: syds

Cowboys and Indians: Achievement Update

We’ve completely revisited the achievements for Cowboys and Indians. We’re adding close to 10 new achievements, achievements for all maps, and a final achievement for completing them all, with exclusive rewards.
(Note: the update will replace the old achievements, so everyone will get a fresh start with these new ones.)

The update also introduces other changes:


  • If you try to escape as leader while still having spawn protection, you will benefit from an increased escape chance.
  • The base escape chance has been slightly reduced.
    • Note: when playing “Pass the Leader”, the escape chance after being passed is halved.
    • When someone escapes using the item, you can hover on the chat message to see the escape chance, and the random number they got.


  • Game kills and captures are now restored in your scoreboard when you rejoin.
  • You can now get a gamelog link from the end game message.

Other changes

  • The achievement menu has been improved for all games:
    • Achievements are now sorted by completion date. For in-progress/unstarted achievements, the final achievement appears first, while map achievements are listed at the end.
  • The /recentgames command now shows most recent games first.