[Out Now] Trouble in Mineville Map Release: Kazamuzo Temple

We’re adding another map to our roster, and to mark our twentieth map, what better one than Kazamuzo Temple?


Kazamuzo Temple is a map built by Mouldy_Burrito of the Blockception build team back in 2013. As the Planet Minecraft page documenting its history mentions, the map features Japanese architecture and was originally submitted to the (then) newly-merged Hive server.

Huge thanks to the author for granting us permission to use the map and providing us with the original version of it!

Gameplay aspects

The map features:

  • 99 chests (+ a few hidden but still reachable)
  • 4 ender chests
  • A traitor trap: traitors can lock down the main building for 15 seconds, useful in a pinch or to prevent innocents from escaping.

Additionally, since the release of Crystal Village back in September, we’ve put efforts into reducing our use of barrier blocks to denote off-limits areas.

We are proud to announce that Kazamuzo Temple is our first completely barrier-free Trouble in Mineville map! Players that enter off-limits zones will be given a timer to return to the playable area.

We are also updating how the detective tester log works going forward. Our next maps—Kazamuzo included—will have pre-defined zones where the tester log gets updated, instead of being a fixed distance from the tester. In Kazamuzo’s case, the log (only) updates inside the tester building, on either floor. In the future, we might retroactively implement this mechanic in the maps we already have.

Release date

Kazamuzo Temple will be available starting this Friday (July 5), to coincide with the start of the assassin event running that same weekend.

Our effort on community maps

Our maps base consists mostly of maps built and submitted by the Trouble in Mineville community.

Before we even released Trouble in Mineville, we started looking for community maps submitted to The Hive. We’re still considering some of the submissions we’ve noticed, unfortunately though the Hive Java forums are no longer online and only a partial archive of those is available. The MCTIMV forums (precursor to Hive) also used to be available until last year, when the Enjin forum service shut down.

If you’re one of the original builders of a map that was submitted to Hive or MCTIMV, or know someone who may be, please reach out on the forums, on Discord, or via email.

You can also submit the map again on the forums! Here you will receive detailed feedback on your build before it is potentially added to the game. Of course this also applies to new submissions, which are always welcome.