QoL TIMV Suggestions

These are some suggestions that I think would improve the TIMV experience. Some might be harder to apply than others, but I think everyone could benefit from these changes even if only 1 of these changes is accepted:

  • Remove the karma penalties on player disconnect: while I agree that it’s good to give karma when you are a traitor and a survivor disconnects (or the other way around), I don’t think it makes much sense to remove karma from a player if someone from their team that they attacked disconnects. It only seems to incentivize players to leave once someone they dislike attacks them, so that the person that hit them gets negative karma. However I think it’s important to still give karma when someone from the enemy team disconnects to prevent people from disconnecting when they know they are about to die.

  • Reduce the price of traitor map: while I understand that maybe the traitor map is so expensive to keep it as an endgame item (probably to not let traitors find isolated survivors so easily at the start of a match), in the practice it is an item that is never used, not even when it is needed because of its high cost. I suggest reducing the price to 2 traitor points.

  • Auto traitor map when timer is low: while the traitor map might be a good idea to use when you can’t find the last players in a match, it can be annoying not to have it if you spent all your traitor points and a player is stalling in a corner of the map. While everyone probably understands that stalling is not allowed, there can still sometimes be players who just stay hidden or keep running in order to not die (I only have a solution for the first problem), and spectators might tend to ghost in order to finish the match and be able to keep playing.
    I think it would be a good idea to automatically give all traitors a traitor map when there’s 30s or 45s left in the match. This feature might also help familiarize players with the traitor map and remind them that it is a tool they can buy for whenever they kill most players early and they can’t find where the last survivors are.

  • Reduce the amount of arrows obtained per chest: every chest gives 32 arrows, letting each player get up to 96 arrows before starting the match. Nobody needs so many arrows, I’ve personally never ran out of arrows unless I was using them to shoot at a wall. While nobody needs so many arrows, they can also very easily fill the hotbar when you kill a couple of players, forcing you to create layouts if you wanna buy stuff from the traitor shop and use it quickly (cause the arrows will make the item appear out of the hotbar). I think the amount of arrows should be at least halved to 16 arrows per chest (48 arrows in total), if you need more arrows, you can easily get more by killing someone. This can also help to reduce the amount of players randomly shooting everyone in all directions, which can sometimes be annoying.

  • Toggle /innocent: some players don’t like playing as traitor and might just want to play with their friends, and while there’s already a free /innocent command, they can forget to use it every match, and this can be bad for the traitor team since they now have 1 player that doesn’t wanna kill people. I think it might be helpful and better for everyone to also have a command to keep playing as the innocent role, to only have to type once and be able to toggle whenever desired, and allow those players to play how they like without .

  • Adding the list of role pass commands to the Rules and Info book: some players might not know of these commands, so it’d be good to have them inside the book that introducts the gamemode (and that also shows up when typing /howtoplay). If the toggle /innocent command is added, it should probably also appear in this book for people to learn about it).

  • More TIMV events: we all love to see many players online, and what’s a better way to do it than through an event. I don’t think there even needs to be a winner and a leaderboard, just adding some temporary tweaks to the game could attract more players to check them out and see if they like them (like the assassin role, or let’s say having all the traitor items temporarily cost half their price, or maybe have chests randomly spawn leather armor parts… The possibilities are endless)

Which of these suggestions would you like to see implemented? Do you disagree with any? Make sure to leave your opinions below!


I think your suggestions are quite good overall, just thought I’d give my thoughts on them. I’ll list what I think of each.

  1. I fully agree on the first one. While this mechanic has always been part of TIMV, it’s really only used as a means of karma baiting. There’s really no situation I can think of where a penalty on disconnect would be necessary. Even if someone is being punched or something to annoy them, karma baiting is still not allowed, so the player leaving shouldnt penalize someone who hit them. This would also help in situations where a player lags out, etc.

  2. I don’t feel like the price of the map should be reduced, I feel like low point items should be kept as they are. The map gives the traitor very helpful information which they should have to pay more for. While I agree it’s underused, I think items like claymores, creepers, spoofers (though they’re never used) should be the only ones really kept as quick purchases.

  3. Editing my initial response to this one. I feel like the right solution to this one is a combination of your second and third suggestions. I would say in the final minute of the game, the cost of the traitor map should be reduced to 2 traitor points. This way, the traitor still has to buy the item, however it helps in the unfair situation where an innocent is hiding somewhere on a large map. This oftentimes will lead to the timer ending or ghosting to make the game end faster, and lowering the price of the item would make it a good option for the traitor.

  4. While I agree running out of arrows is a rare occurrence, I don’t feel like the current amount presents any issues, so I don’t think there is much of a reason to change this. Players should utilize the layout editor as it’s there for a reason, and they can spread their arrows in their inventory to help with organization. As for the random shooting, if people want to do this they’re going to do it regardless of arrow count.

  5. A toggleable /innocent is a great idea. Some days I personally only feel like playing innocent, so this feature would be quite nice. And as you said, certain players tend to stall a lot when they’re traitor, so this would present a nice option for them so that they can just enjoy the game without holding it up for others.

  6. I don’t see any reason why not to add them to the rulebook, though I personally doubt most people pay much attention to it anyway. So while it’s a good idea, in practice I don’t see it making a difference.

  7. TIMV events, please. It’s been 8 months if I remember correctly since the last event. The only event I’ve personally found to be that interesting was the assassin role, though I really love this role so it would be nice to see this frequently. Maybe a monthly event would be nice. I really like the idea of having chests spawn in interesting other items, though I’d personally suggest making this a feature for the ender chests, not regular chests. Though this would definitely take some balancing and thought, it would be interesting to see something like this in the game for an event.

I know I’ve said a lot but hopefully another input on the suggestions is helpful. I hope to see some of these implemented in game.


Thanks for your suggestions! Most of them will be implemented in this weekend’s update, while some will undergo testing during this month’s events. I’ll briefly go over what wasn’t mentioned in today’s announcement.

  1. /innocent toggle: This currently needs some more planning, for example with regard to when it should automatically reset in case the player forgets to turn it off, whether it should persist across sessions, etc.
  2. (Event) Halved traitor item cost: This is a cool idea, though we’ll probably have to turn karma record saving off for the duration of the event. It’s not currently scheduled for this month, but we could always have it in a future event.

I’ll leave the thread open in case you want to add anything to these suggestions in particular. If you have more, please open a new one.

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