Recruitment Event FAQ

This weekend we’re debuting the recruitment event format!
Here are answers to some questions you might have.

How does recruitment work?

During the event, traitors can purchase the “Recruit An Innocent” item (/b 8) to recruit an innocent of their choice.
If the item is in their inventory when they kill an innocent, that innocent will respawn and be recruited to the traitors team. If the traitor who has bought the item dies, another traitor can use it to recruit someone of their choice.
Note that the item might not be available for purchase if, for example, an innocent has already been recruited.

How does respawning work?

When an innocent is recruited, they are given a short period of invisibility during which they are also immune to attacks, can’t attack or pick up items (but can still interact with doors etc.), and they move slightly faster than normal. Other traitors can still see the new recruit during this period.

The recruit can take advantage of this to choose an advantageous location to respawn.
Once that is over, the new traitor becomes visible to everyone, and their invincibility ends.

Note: if the innocent died by falling out of the map (or being voided out in maps like Rooftops), they will respawn at the regular void spawn location, like during warmup.

What does the recruited traitor get?

The new traitor retains their inventory prior to death (additionally, no items are dropped), as well as their experience points (for the purpose of enchanting) and their round stats.

If the innocent has killed other players, meaning they have either positive or negative innocent points, those points will be converted to traitor points. Traitors should favor innocents that have been on the hunt for other traitors, because they might have valuable points that can be used to buy items sooner.

Can’t other innocents see that the person died?

Only nearby innocents that are actively looking can see that the innocent died.
No dead body is spawned, no message is shown in chat, and the player count is not updated.
Additionally, the player’s name still appears in the tablist and in /list during the invisibility period.

Can you recruit the last innocent?

No, when the last innocent is killed, the game always ends.
Additionally, if another death would cause the game to end (for example, the last traitor was killed) while another traitor is respawning, the game also ends without the recruit taking their respawn to completion.

Wouldn’t there be too many traitors?

Indeed, you can only recruit players while there are 5 traitors or fewer currently alive.
You can still buy the item before then, but any innocents you kill will not be recruited.

What’s the most karma you can gain?

Technically, a recruited innocent could have killed up to 5 traitors before being recruited (in a full game of 24 players), and could potentially gain short of an additional 200 karma by playing a perfect traitor round. (It is assumed that some other innocents die as part of the recruitment process.)

That outcome is still possible, but we’ve decided to limit the number that is counted towards the “Most Karma” statistic.

What you’ll instead see is two separate counts in your scoreboard. For example, if you’ve gained 20 karma as an innocent, get recruited, and gain another 80 karma as a traitor, you’ll have ultimately earned 100 karma in total, but your scoreboard will display “80 (+20).”

When calculating the “Most Karma” statistic, only the highest of the two will be considered, in this case 80.

How do I check the global recruit count?

During the event, you can use the /recruits command to see how many recruitments players have made throughout the event.
Please note that the displayed count isn’t continuously updated and might be behind. The official count will be announced after the event ends.

We hope this topic answers questions you might have. If you’re still confused, feel free to ask below!
We also hope you look forward to this weekend’s event!

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