Small QOL Suggestions

Basic suggestions:

  1. Adding an alias for /f list 1 to show the first list of friends when using /f list for easier usability.

  2. Idk if this would be easy to change but allowing to use the prefix /p to run party commands (like /party leave) for easier usability.

  3. Allowing to access the Deliveries menu remotely, either by adding a new command or adding it to suggestion nº4.

More interesting suggestions:

  1. Adding a menu in the hotbar at the lobby to see player stats from different gamemodes, as well as achievements, and that could also be used if there’s ever lobby events (like searching different items) or achievements (like finishing the parkour or getting to a specific area)

#2 wouldn’t work well because /p is for talking in party chat. The other ones seem fine.

If I remember correctly, #1 used to work before we updated our internal commands framework. #3 and #4 seem interesting, but sadly, I doubt we’ll get to implement them before we release Bed Wars.

As @captainsnacc already said, /p leave would collide with party chat, but we’ll keep it in mind if we redesign our friend system in the future.

Thank you for your suggestions!