Speedrun Tournament - 01/10/2021

Get ready for a speedrun tournament this weekend!


The tournament will start on Friday, October 1st at 4PM CEST (when the mode is also released), ending at 4PM CEST on Monday, October 4th.


No registration is required. Unless specified otherwise, both Normal and Practice Mode are allowed.
Replays will be checked for verification before giving out prizes.


  • Top 3 by total number of WRs
    • 1st place:
      • 40 EUR Store credit or 30 EUR Other credit (see below)
      • 30 Shards
    • 2nd place:
      • 20 EUR Store credit or 15 EUR Other credit (see below)
      • 20 Shards
    • 3rd place:
      • 10 EUR Store credit or 5 EUR Other credit (see below)
      • 10 Shards
  • All World Record holders
    • 25 Shards (first map)
    • 15 Shards (second map)
    • 10 Shards (subsequent maps)
  • Top 5 by KIG Points (you can only gain points in Normal Mode)
    • 1st place: 30 Shards
    • 2nd place: 20 Shards
    • 3rd place: 10 Shards
    • 4th-5th place: 5 Shards

Other credit

Available rewards classified as “other” credit:

  • Cosmetics for the following services: LabyMod, Badlion Client, Lunar Client
  • Minecraft gift code (only for the 30 EUR option, consumes whole credit)
  • Several gift cards and vouchers from online services and retailers, e.g. Spotify, Amazon, Google Play.


  • Total number of WRs:
    • Most WRs on KIG maps (i.e., maps that weren’t on Hive)
    • Most WRs in Normal Mode (as opposed to Practice Mode)
  • KIG Points:
    • In this case, the Personal Bests of the two players will be compared (map by map) to determine the winner.
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