Suggestion for TIMV wooden swords

We all know that the wooden swords in TIMV are useless so i thought about what we could do to fix that. This might be controversial, but i thought that maybe we should replace wooden swords with knockback 2 sticks. Here are some reasons why they are better than wooden swords.

  1. They will help you in fights
  2. They will make bow spam easier
  3. They will be actually useful
  4. Sticks are cooler than wooden swords
    So i believe that those reasons should convince everyone that we should change the useless wooden swords into super epic knockback 2 sticks. (Sorry for my poor english)
Do you think that wooden swords should be replaced by Knockback 2 sticks?
  • Yes
  • No

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I’m really… not sure about this, to be honest. I feel like the KB2 stick would get abused in a certain way, for example trying to get people out of map or people trying to hit others off the map (Aorin, Rooftops). Obviously, people would end up getting punished for it (if people record and report) but not everyone records/report… and I personally wouldn’t enjoy getting hit into the void by someone with a KB2 stick…

I do agree that they’re useless, but perhaps a different item (one that cannot be abused) would be better for the game c: