Suggestions for KIG part 2


  1. Add events that have like a separate leaderboard which has a time limit for like a week, and people could grind the event games to get prizes at the end. Or you could make the events require more skill than luck like whoever gets the most kills gets an extra point or captures (I know people like camping and will probably camp to get an extra point but I feel like if this is added there won’t be multiple winners, people might have an opportunity to comeback, and/or people get a chance to get points other than winning).
  2. Tell in advance when an event is coming up (remind the players like a day before saying that there’s an event today)
  3. Add different events, like what I said in number 4 from part 1 of Suggestions for KIG. For example, for CAI you could add like a different item into the slotbar for that specific event (for example, the old hulk smash ability) or in TIMV which is popular on KIG right now, like a gold rush event where sometimes you can earn coins in chest.
  4. More hub games? Idk what games maybe different things from bow and arrow practice, carousel ride, fishing. I don’t really know just a suggestion that came in my mind.
  5. PUT THE FORUMS ON DISCORD, also like I said before, pls get a person that organize the discord and make it neater and more organize.
  6. I notice that there are some mounts or pets that people can’t get bc it is exclusive from an event. I suggest to make it so you can’t see pets or mounts in the cosmetics that you can’t get. This makes it so that people who didn’t play in previous events and got exclusive stuff won’t have it saying that you are missing a pet or a mount from the cosmetics.
  7. Can we know big updates ahead of time so people can get excited for it. This suggestion probably will be turned down but if the people know what it is upcoming like a new gamemode or like a hub change people will get excited and people are more willing to play. (Add small teasers)
  8. Advertise the server on multiple platforms like youtube or instagram, I don’t know if KIG has a youtube but if you could advertise it more, people new might play on the server.
  9. Make a big map of the whole hub so new players can find their way around places, this could be an npc giving you a map or like a map at spawn.
  10. And I ran out of suggestions, I hope at least one of these suggestions from 1-9 makes it on KIG.
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