Thoughts on KIG

Enthused. Rhapsodized. Effervesced. Truly, this is how I feel navigating the forums, discussing in-depth debates with the staff team which always give proficient, thorough answers to all questions thrown in front of them.

I am delighted to have the opportunity to chat to friends on such a prestigious forum as of the forum of the “KIG Network”, truly, this does give tingles to my spine, tickles and ickles of joy and excitement to me, a loyal, friendly, engaging member within the KIG community; in which on numerous occasions I can be seen demonstrating, mature, role-model like behaviour to others, which clearly are guided by a path of a God, one would say; they are in safe hands.

To go out on a high note, lastly, to engage with the KIG community once more, I was doomed, bewitched, left in ill-fate by an evil monster which left me ruin within the depths of hell, this server had all the answers I needed, and evidently, it is the server for you! Please join!


Couldn’t have said it better myself king.

Keep your head up high! :smile: :arrow_up:

I completely agree. You need to be heard, this NEEDS to be seen. Unfortunately, it is evident that the KIG community is lacking in members to the standards such as yourself. If I was in charge of the KIG NETWORK, I would immediately employ you as a MODERATOR or even ADMINISTRATOR in order to boost the KIGRESS EMPIRE! :fist:t6: :fist:t6: :fist:t6: