Trouble in Mineville Ideas

1.Options to buy extra health pots (maybe splash) from the detective shop
2. Can buy a portable scanner (any holdable item) after 2 or 3 traitor kills to scan someone, will show their results in chat on right click to them and will change their coloured nametag according to the role announced.
3.I think this was IAmABox’s idea but the option to /reveal as a traitor (will announce you’re traitor to the whole game in chat and make your name red) (maybe bold dark red to your fellow traitors so they know you’ve revealed) once revealed you would be given traitor points to buy items in the shop (can be useful in 1v10s etc)
4.Also an idea to announce how many traitors are in the game in the chat so people can count how many left accordingly (will prevent less rdm and useful to people not on beezig mod)


What suggestions do you think should be added?
  • Buy health pots as det
  • Buy portable tester
  • /reveal as traitor
  • Show traitor count at the start

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The one I’d like to see added is the initial traitor count of the game. I think the /reveal and portable tester feel too “modded” or complex for what timv is. (/reveal could be abused too if the whole game already knows one person already is traitor, or if the entire traitor team /reveals at once)

Although if we add a detective shop i think a cat would be a cool addition for a point. (one t kill gets 1.5 det points) The cat would contrast the traitor’s dog (I also think dogs should cost one point for ts) but also be useful for warding off creepers. (handy in tight spaces where theres not much space to run)



Fun fact:
If you have a blaze rod detective stick and turn it into powder and drop it to a traitor, it turns into an unusable traitor bomb. You can then ask for it back and know if the person is a traitor.

(Don’t know if this works here on KIG. It worked on Hive, I haven’t had the chance to test it here yet)

ps: pls dont fix if it works