Trouble in Mineville Rank Brainstorming

(Mod edit: this is a general thread for rank brainstorming. Suggestions are welcome as replies.)

Double the required karma for all ranks (obviously you will need a large player base).
Inspector : 200 karma
Commissioner: 200k karma
Watson 400k Karma
And all in between. :slight_smile:

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That’s a nice suggestion, though I’ll open this thread to be more of a general brainstorming platform. If anyone has got rank suggestions, whether it’d be names or points, please reply to this thread.

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To be honest that seems wayyyy to high of a raise. New players that enjoy ranking up are going to be more easily bored because of ranks being so far and between. Even if you add more ranks for that reason, I think 400k is too much. It’s still doable for a dedicated player but overkill in my opinion.


Also if you look at the ranks currently in TIMV, the colors often repeat and doesn’t fully use the text colors Minecraft has to offer. I also think #1 ranks like Sherlock should be able to set the color they want. (The orange for sherlock is pretty ugly)