Trouble in Mineville Tournament - 25/02/2022


We’re happy to announce that KIG is hosting a new type of tournament this weekend!
Players have two hours and limited traitor passes to get as much karma as possible.
You can play those two hours any time this weekend, and you decide which games count toward
your event statistics.

Read the “Format” section below for all the details.

Special thanks to @Minza for making this event possible!


The tournament will start on Friday, February 25th at 4PM CET, ending at 4PM CET on Monday, February 28th.


  • No registration is required.
  • Players will have 2 hours worth of total game time, this excludes time spent in lobbies. After that time is exceeded, games will act normally and karma won’t count towards the event.
  • Players can choose which games to count towards the event by running the appropriate commands during warmup. (All games count by default)
  • Throughout the event, players will be limited to 3 traitor passes to use in event games. Innocent and detective passes are unrestricted, and players can opt-out of the event for that match if they wish to pass more.


  • Top 3 by Karma
    • 1st place:
      • 25 EUR Store credit or 12 EUR Other credit (see below)
      • 30 Shards
    • 2nd place:
      • 15 EUR Store credit or 8 EUR Other credit (see below)
      • 20 Shards
    • 3rd place:
      • 10 EUR Store credit or 5 EUR Other credit (see below)
      • 10 Shards
  • Top 10 by Karma (this includes Top 3)
    • 2 Shards & exclusive TIMV cosmetic
  • Participation
    • 150 Coins

Other credit

Available rewards classified as “other” credit:

  • Cosmetics for the following services: LabyMod, Badlion Client, Lunar Client
  • Several gift cards and vouchers from online services and retailers, e.g. Spotify, Amazon, Google Play.


In case multiple players have the same event karma at the end of the event, the player with the least event games played will win.