Why was I banned for RDM?

What does RDM mean?

“RDM” stands for “random death match” officially, or more informally known as simply “randoming”.

RDM bans are given if you are caught killing players for no valid reason - the most common reasons for this ban are killing a fellow traitor or detective, killing random people (i.e. any player who has done nothing to indicate they are a traitor yet) when you are innocent or detective, or targeting specific players by killing them when you are innocent when they have not done anything to indicate they are a traitor.

While the aim of the game is to kill the members of the enemy team, in Trouble in Mineville mistakes and misunderstandings are common, and so RDM bans will only be issued if there truly is no valid reason for the killing.

How can I know if my kill is valid?

Killing players without any of the following reasons may be considered RDM and constitute an RDM ban:

  • You killed the player in self-defense (they attacked you first)
  • You witnessed the player kill an innocent or detective
  • You witnessed the player kill another player and not identify the body (although we recommend strongly that you go and identify the body before killing them, we understand that in some circumstances to approach the body might be dangerous, so we will not punish you for not doing this and killing the player first)
  • You witnessed the player associate with other known traitors (be aware that “associating with other known traitors” means that they interacted closely with other known traitors when it would be very easy to kill them without being detected)
  • The player was asked to test by you or another alive player, and they refused or ignored this request (bear in mind that they have the right to refuse testing more than three times in a row, and shouldn’t be killed for this if they do)
  • The player was RDMing many other players, and it would be beneficial to the game for them to be killed (we recommend you test after doing this however)
  • Everyone else in the game has tested at least once, or proved their innocence by any other means
  • You witnessed the player using a traitor item, such as creeper arrows, claymores, tester bombs, etc.

Note that each report is judged by a case-by-case basis, and RDM reports will be rejected if the evidence doesn’t definitively prove that the player who is being reported had no valid reason to kill the person who they are accused of RDMing.

I killed someone who was KOS’ed in chat! Can I be banned for RDM?

‘KOS’ means ‘kill on sight’ and is a way for players to call other players as being traitor.

Be critical of these call outs however, since traitors are allowed to “KOS” innocents as well. If someone is issued a “KOS” and you suspect as a result that they might be traitor, we recommend investigating the player further before killing them, possibly by watching them from a distance, approaching them peacefully to see how they react, or asking them to test.

We will be lenient to people who do kill people based on a “KOS” and give them warnings or guidance instead of banning them immediately.

What can I do now?

If you were banned automatically (it will say so in the reason) you cannot appeal your punishment, your only option is to wait it out.

Otherwise, if you believe your punishment is unfair, you can submit an appeal here.

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