First I didn’t know where to post this, I was confused about posting. Sorry if I posted it in the wrong spot.

Hub Suggestions:

  • More Cosmetics (Pets like Hive had, more particles, outfits/armor in the hub ((for example rainbow armor)), banners for hats
  • More stuff to do in the hub, for example, longer parkour and/or different hub activities to do for a few coins, like fishing, archery, small parkour courses, find things.
  • Add a daily delivery man or something to make players want to come back for a daily reward.
  • A table or “fun” area to talk with Labymod and just chill and AFK

TIMV Suggestions:

  • More cosmetics, more wands, pets for every role, more pets (for detective and traitor)
  • TIMV point rework, not the karma but the traitor points, kill streaks could be a thing, for example, get a kill in 10 seconds after one kill you get 2 points and then it doubles after but the time lowers by 1 second
  • Private test servers for KIG rank, with options like a limited amount of tests for the tester, item durability, items, etc

BP Suggestions:

  • More cosmetics, trails, banners, and more death sounds
  • If it’s even possible, try to get the plugin for the Website thing where it played music through your browser. That was so cool.
  • A “real” color texture pack for the clay, for example, this one. (optional for the player of course)

Next Game Suggestions:

  • The next game should be something PVP-related, I personally think it should be Heroes, SG, or Bedwars. Heroes is a very fun underrated game in my opinion and could be fun to play for a bit when you get bored of TIMV. After, I personally think it should be Gravity, Splegg, Drawit, or Deathrun. Those are good games that everyone can easily play and get into.


  • A forum reward, with /forums there is barely anyone on the forums and it would be cool if more people joined it and it could be more active. I didn’t even know the server had a forum for a while. I knew they had a store but not forums.

(About CAI) I haven’t played much CAI to really know the game well, so I have no clue what to add for it. I really don’t want to make any poor suggestions. I would love to see CAI grow, from the times I’ve played it, it was really fun and I loved it. One suggestion I have is to broadcast when a CAI game is almost about to start or is 1-2 players from being full.

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Hey there! I’ll go over each category because there are a couple interesting suggestions.

Hub Suggestions
Something is coming really soon for this so stay tuned on that.

TIMV Suggestions

  • More wands: when I added them I thought stick, blaze rod, bone and carrot-on-stick were the only logical items to use. Do you have any other ideas?
  • Traitor points: this one is interesting, but while I wouldn’t necessarily buff traitor points, I’d still like to have something that incentivizes traitors to kill, making games quicker.
  • Private servers: while I don’t see us adding private servers any time soon, we may add game modifiers during special events (weekends?). There’s a suggestion for this here.

BP Suggestions

  • More cosmetics: Sure, I like all of them.
  • Music through browser: We have a native solution using note block sounds, which we believe works better and doesn’t require complicated setups (for both us and players). If you can’t hear it, make sure note blocks aren’t turned off in the volume settings.
  • Better color packs: Perhaps this could be added along with the colorblind-friendly pack, but most Hive users already have it.

CAI Suggestions
For Cowboys and Indians we have this Discord notification system where one can ping the CAI notification role once every 30 minutes.

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I should have given some examples, the ones I would pick would be a Clownfish, Shears, Redstone torch or torch, Rosebush, Some sort of meat, lead. I know these aren’t really “sticks” but if you were hit by most of these items in real life you’d stop what you were doing and listen to what the person hitting you were saying. Also, some of these could be a reward for doing something. You could have a competition for easter and the top 5 get carrot det sticks and the top 1 gets a golden carrot, for easter. The detective stick is already a more cosmetic item anyway it’s barely used, so it could be a cool way to show off an achievement and get away with some un-needed coins.