Weekend Modifiers

This suggestion comes by the hand of the Assassin role suggestion made by Redwinz.

As it is mentioned in that post, Trouble In Mineville has become very… repetitive. That’s why I’d like to suggest game modifiers.
This idea is based on the Hypixel UHC Champions game modifiers.

Every weekend, the gamemode will have modifiers that will change up the way that it works a little bit, choosing from a list of possible modifiers right before the game begins and applying it for that match only. The next game, the same thing happens.

I suggest this because I really love the idea of the new role, but I don’t think it would be good to completely change the way the gamemode works permanently. Doing it periodically, though, would be very interesting and constantly changing up things, keeping people looking forward to those weekends to play TIMV with an extra bit of fun.

Although the original idea involves choosing a Modifier right before the game begins, I would think it is more pertinent for this server to select a modifier that stays for the whole weekend.
The suggestion is as follows:

Every weekend, a Game Modifier will be chosen (randomly or manually) from a list of ideas yet to be determined. This will stay during the entirety of the weekend and the game will go back to normal when the next week starts. The same process will be repeated the following weekend.
For now, the only modifier I have in mind is the Assassin role previously suggested, but feel free to give more ideas for modifiers! :slight_smile:


So it’s more like a weekend-event type of thing? Just like CAI got their events?

And you say you only have the assassin role in mind but something I worry about is the “goal” of the modifier. Is it only to make the game more fun (So more roles, games with speed) or do you think about “More Karma” modifiers or “Killing X amount of people in a game = more karma” modifiers?

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I would love to see it, something to spice things up would be perfect

I’m not sure how the CAI events worked, but the idea is to make the gamemode different in terms of gameplay, not stats, so ideas that would modify the way the matches unfold only during weekends, possibly coming back another time. I was thinking of adding, for example, Double Karma as an idea for a Weekend Modifier but I ended up suggesting it separately as I would like this suggestion to focus on gameplay modifying weekends.

In Cowboys and Indians we host events with special game settings. This could be as simple as changing the timer or the required score to win, apply potion effects to players, have them stack on each other, but it can also do more advanced stuff e.g. fighting in the void or playing “hot potato” with leaders.

So far this has been limited to a single server, but we could make it span across multiple. Our Trouble in Mineville is very flexible and easily allows for this kind of modifications. For example, if you’ve attended the testing sessions or if you’ve played TIMV before April 15, you’d know how we can easily change e.g. the number of traitors, the cost of each item, explosion power, etc.

That said I’ll throw in some suggestions on what could change in these special games:

  • Number of traitors/detectives
  • Traitor/Detective item selection (disable certain items, make others cheaper etc.)
  • No/cheaper role passes
  • Ability to stack tester spoofers
  • Kill threshold for traitors similar to Cranked (kill within a certain time frame or you die)
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This has been discussed internally and the Assassin Role will indeed be the first weekend event, with more to come.

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