Allowed/Denied Mods

This is an official list with the mods you’re allowed or not allowed to use when connecting to our server. It is manually updated and as such, you’ll need to submit a mod for review for this to be updated.

Connecting to the server with any of the banned or categorically banned mods will get you punished.

Submitting a mod for review

If you can’t find a mod in the lists below, you can submit it for review by replying to this topic.
First, please check if it falls under one of the “Categorically Banned Mods” listed below.
If you really can’t find it, please follow this format when submitting a mod. Make sure to write:

  • The name of the mod
  • A description of what the mod does, how it interacts with other players, how it potentially could or could not be allowed
  • A direct link to the mod’s download page (short or ad links are not allowed)
  • Mention @RoccoDev

A note on safety

When reviewing a mod, we’ll add the version the mod was tested on. If unclear, we’ll leave a direct link to the version we’ve tested.
When downloading and using a mod, please prefer mods that have their source code public and absolutely avoid mods that have their source code obfuscated, which are 99% malware.

If you’re not sure whether a mod’s code is obfuscated or not, you must send it to me for a private review. You are not allowed to use it on the server and you will get banned for it.

Whilst we assume no responsibility on what the mods may do to your machine, we’ll try our best to analyze them to avoid any side effects.

Mod lists

Unless otherwise specified, the following lists apply to all game modes.

Categorically Banned Mods
  • Hacked Clients (any capacity, closet, blatant, anything) and cheats therein (mods that contain particular cheats are still not allowed)
  • Mods with obfuscated code (99% malware, security issue for both the user and the reviewer)
  • Anything that causes you to get more than you actually do (Autoclickers, double click functions in mice etc.)
  • Entity radars (minimaps must have players turned OFF)
  • Anything that tries to overload or cause denial of service to the server, including but not limited to “server crashers”, bot accounts etc.
  • Skin blinkers: you’re only allowed to change skin layers in the menu, you can’t let a mod do it for you.
  • Damage indicators: Some game modes (e.g. CAI) already have it server-side, so you’re not allowed to have it anywhere else.
Banned Mods
  • Schematica mod
  • World Downloader mod
  • TCP No Delay mod (this doesn’t work in 1.8.9 and as such, it’s 99% a cheat in disguise)
Mods invalidating evidence

You can still connect to the server with these mods, but any evidence you record for player reports will be invalid.

  • Mods that hide the scoreboard: we need to see the Game ID for evidence to be valid.
  • Enemy Reach Display mod: this doesn’t work and would just cause confusion to the staff member handling your report.
  • Replay Mod (tested: 2.4.2)
Allowed Mods

Everything else, until reviewed, is considered to be use at your own risk.


16/01/2021 - Added the first batch of mods @RoccoDev
17/01/2021 - Replay Mod moved to Mods invalidating evidence @RoccoDev


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