KIG Network Rules (Updated 08/08/2021)

Table of Contents

In-game Rules


Hacking will not be tolerated at all.
You can check the list of allowed and blacklisted modifications here.

Stat boosting

You are not allowed to boost your stats in any way. This includes but it’s not limited to using other accounts in your game, kill farming etc.

Exploiting glitches

Don’t abuse glitches in game and in the lobby. In the event someone does find a glitch, please do not abuse it. Instead notify a staff member of the glitch so it can be fixed in the future. This includes glitching out of the map.
Block-glitching is allowed, provided that you don’t do it to disrupt gameplay (e.g. to go out of the map).

Cross teaming

Cross teaming means working with the other team to benefit another team. It also includes agreeing to not complete the objective of the game to boost points. This behavior will not be allowed.

Non-verbal player harassment

Following players across games/lobbies and only focusing on them in-game is not allowed. Please be respectful to all players.

Alternative accounts

You are allowed to use alternative accounts (“alts”). However, any use of alt accounts in order to annoy or harass other players is strictly forbidden and will be severely punished.

Inappropriate names/skins

We do not allow inappropriate usernames on our network. Those include anything that’d be normally disallowed by our chat rules, or anything resembling something similar.
Similarly, inappropriate skins are also not allowed, including nudity, inappropriate text, nazi skins, etc.

Chat Rules

Excessive swearing

Swearing is generally allowed, but try to avoid spamming it too often and don’t do it to offend others. Try to keep it PG-13.

Player disrespect

You must be respectful to others at all times. We are very strict on toxicity so try to avoid bringing up drama.


Knowingly giving false information in order to manipulate players into doing something you want (e.g. them leaving the game) is not allowed.


Avoid repeating the same message/words/letters. You can only “spam” game-related macros (e.g. “Incoming”) in private chats (team, party etc.).


Please don’t advertise other Minecraft or Discord servers in any of our chats.
Obviously, links containing malware or inappropriate content are also not allowed.
You are allowed to share links to your ongoing KIG livestreams once every 30 minutes, and at most once per game.


Discriminatory behavior in any capacity is not allowed and will be severely punished. More specifically, certain common slurs such as the r- and f-slur are also not allowed.

Punishment discussion

Please avoid bringing up punishments in public chats. If you believe you were unfairly punished,
submit an appeal here.

Unsolicited discussions

You are free to chat with whomever you want, but if the conversation gets too heated or it is not of public interest, you may be asked to move to a private chat or to drop the conversation entirely.

Revealing information

Revealing personal information is a severe offense. As we cannot verify who they belong to, please avoid posting any private information (yours or someone else’s), including but not limited to phone numbers, addresses, and real names.

Cowboys and Indians

Leader trolling

Going to the enemy base as leader in order to get captured is not allowed.

Capture trolling

Refusing to complete the capture while carrying a leader is not allowed.

Trouble in Mineville

Random Death Match (RDM)

Killing players without a valid reason is not allowed. Valid reasons include:

  • Having witnessed the player kill someone directly
    • You should check whether the body they killed was a traitor, but if they clearly run away from it or never identify it, you can still proceed to kill. Vice versa, if you’ve just killed a traitor, please identify the body so that nearby players know. If someone kills you because you fail to do so after a reasonable amount of time, it is not considered RDM.
  • Having witnessed the player associated with a known traitor and/or kill someone together
  • Having witnessed the player test as a traitor
  • The player refused to test and didn’t have a valid reason not to (e.g. busy chasing or killing a traitor)

Other reasons that may be valid, but risky (better to ask to test):

  • Having witnessed the player kill someone indirectly: either through walls (you can’t see who attacked first, and you can’t rely on bodies [not] being checked) or by spotting a dead player you remember in /list.
  • Killing the last traitor(s) by elimination, unless both the following are met (in that case it becomes a valid reason):
    • All the other traitors’ bodies have been identified (i.e. there can only be 1 traitor left)
    • Everyone else has been proven innocent¹

Valid reasons do NOT include:

  • Listening to a callout (“kos”, “t”, “traitor” and similar) without another valid (or risky) reason unless the callout comes from a detective for the only reasons of either the traitor having tested as such or as a result of a detective’s inspection on a body.
  • Listening to a player say “kill me”, “free karma” or similar. Always ask to test first.
  • Random or no reasons (duh)
  • “Because it’s my friend”
  • “Because he/she told me”
  • Someone ghosted the traitors in chat
  • Killing someone for the iron sword
Superscript 1: Proving someone’s innocence
  1. Witnessing them kill or try to help killing a traitor. Even if they RDMed, you still have a valid reason to consider them innocent.

  2. Witnessing them test automatically by failing to place traitor items, activate traitor traps (when the trap hasn’t been used yet) etc.

    • Note: creeper arrows can now be toggled and as such they are no longer a valid reason to consider someone innocent if they hold it and try to shoot an arrow.
  3. Witnessing them test (multiple times if needed) or getting an affirmative response from a detective or multiple players to the question “Has x tested?”.

  4. As a detective, inspecting a body and finding out they killed a traitor.

  5. Them having called out multiple traitors correctly (if they are traitor they are ghosting and it’s not your fault)

When reporting, evidence is required to start at 00:00 unless it’s reporting a player killing one of their fellows (detective or traitor) on purpose.

Karma Baiting

There are several cases that can be considered karma baiting, including but not being limited to:

  • Refusing or ignoring a request to test for an alive player, who you have no valid reason to suspect of being a traitor, misleading them into killing you and losing karma.

    • This applies still for refusing to test two or three times in a row, but not any more than three times in a row.
    • You may however inform that you’re busy chasing/killing a traitor and that you’ll test at the earliest convenience.
    • Please also consider your reputation among the innocents of the current game. If you’ve just killed an innocent, even if they RDMed, it’s probably best that you still test.
  • Leaving the game or purposely suiciding shortly after being punched by another player in order to make them lose karma.

  • Pretending to be trying to kill a player, who kills you in self-defense and loses karma as a result (note that this does not apply to cases where the two of them are both playing around with each other and clearly have no malicious intent).


You are not allowed to give hints to participating players as to who the traitors are.

If you’re alive (and not a traitor), and you’d like to share what you saw a possible traitor do with the other players, you can do so in public chat.

Public chat is the only official mean of communication. If you’re killing someone based on what you were told somewhere else or for an invalid reason, that is considered RDM.

Voice Chat Rules

Our Chat Rules and LabyMod’s Voice Chat Rules apply, but some Trouble in Mineville-specific rules are also in place:

  1. Don’t ghost. Don’t use voice chat to say who the traitors are, or to give hints on who the traitors may be. If you want to share your suspicions, you can use the regular chat. Remember: voice chat is NOT an official mean of communication! If you kill someone because someone told you in voice chat, it is considered RDM.

  2. Don’t cross team. You are free to voice chat with whom you want, but if you’re a traitor and staying with the innocents for a long time without doing anything, this could be considered cross-teaming and stalling the game.

Note: if you’re being abused in voice chat, please report that to LabyMod instead. To do that, middle-click (click the mouse scroll wheel) the player you want to report and select the Report action from the menu.

Change Log

Dates are day/month/year.

  • 08/08/2021

    • Added the “Inappropriate names/skins” section.
    • Added the “Revealing information” and “Unsolicited discussions” sections.
    • Added explanatory links to the Discrimination section.
    • Added a note on identifying bodies to the RDM section.
    • Added a note about livestreams to the Advertising section.
  • 21/06/2021

    • Added a Voice Chat Rules section to Trouble in Mineville.
    • Improved the Karma Baiting section in Trouble in Mineville to follow the ban FAQ thread.
    • Added the “Change Log” section.
    • Removed a clause restricting the use of alternative accounts to users without a permanent ban.
  • 30/01/2021: Initial draft of the rules