[Out Now] Trouble in Mineville Balance Update

A set of new features and balance changes is heading to Trouble in Mineville… this Tuesday! (Aug 3)

This is the first half of a big Trouble in Mineville update coming this summer. In the following weeks we’re going to announce another update featuring new maps and a brand-new TIMV experience.

New features

Joining during warmup
You can now join (and participate in) games up to 30 seconds into warmup.

Rule Book
Low-karma players will now receive a mandatory rule book at the start. This will only show once, but anyone can view it again by running /rules.

If someone asks how to play the game, you can lead them to /howtoplay as well, which will open the lobby book no matter where they are.


Fellow damage warning
Low-karma players attacking fellow traitors/detectives will now see a warning on their screen.


Rainbow Tester Glass
Rainbow animated tester glass is now available as an exclusive cosmetic. You can only get it by completing all achievements.

Wolf Collars
You can now buy wolf collars as cosmetics. They are available in all colors except orange, as that’s the default (free) one.



  • Traitor names are now centered properly in the game end message.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause you to get kicked right after the game starts if you did not move in your current server.
  • The game countdown is now also displayed as a title when it reaches 5.
  • The enchantments you see in the table inventory are no longer random and they now reflect the ones you’re going to get.

Layout Editor

  • Added the compass as a layout item.
  • The role maps will now be configured under the traitor map in the layout. This means you can now have both maps in the same slot.
  • Fixed an issue interrupting your movement when picking up an arrow while shooting, if arrows were customized in the layout.


  • The player selection menu now has a “Back” item.
  • Added detective actions: you can say that someone has tested, and if they have tested as a traitor.

Game Logs

  • Added a detective body inspection event.

Item Balancing

Detective Cat

  • Making the cat sit will now also reset its current target.
  • The cat has more health. (8 → 20 HP)
  • The cat deals more damage. (2 → 4 HP)
  • The cat will give its owner permanent Regeneration I as long as it’s alive.
    • The effect does not stack. If you spawn multiple cats, the effect will wear out when all of them die.
  • Innocents and detectives will now lose 5 karma upon killing someone else’s cat.
    • This does not apply in the following scenarios:
      • The cat was attacking the player because the detective instructed it to do so (by hitting the player)
      • The cat’s owner is dead
    • Despite this being a karma penalty, it is not considered RDM.
  • Cats will no longer target or follow spectators.
  • The cat can now swim.

Traitor Wolf

  • Wolves have more health (8 → 20 HP)
  • Wolves will now create a small explosion upon death.
  • Wolves will no longer target or follow spectators.

Suicide Bomb

  • You can now hit people easier when having a suicide bomb active.
  • You now receive a Speed I effect while the suicide bomb is active.
  • If you die before the bomb sets off, it will now drop instead of disappearing.

Detective Tester Log

  • Fixed the sensing radius to account for elevation difference. This drastically increases the range in maps like Museum.

Map Changes

Puerto Tereza

  • Added a new ender chest.
  • Added chests. (105 → 110)
  • Tweaked the traitor map to show more of the playable area.

Golden Hills

  • The vehicle has driven off.
  • Added doors to the house.
  • Fixed the traitor map to show the playable area.

Leafloria, Museum, Rooftops

  • Removed the enchantment table.


  • The traitor trap now has two layers of lava to prevent deaths by fall damage.

Pioneer Grove

  • The lava flows significantly faster in the traitor trap.
  • The lava drains significantly faster in the traitor trap.