Suggestions for KIG

My minecraft username is Utov previously ADog and I just have a couple suggestions for KIG.

  1. Add a pvp arena at spawn, I know it was already suggested and idk if its already done but if it is not done already, pls add one.
  2. Make the discord page more neater and make it more cleaner.
  3. Update some channels on discord, idk if it is just me but there has been a couple channels untouched for like 5 months.
  4. Add more events to the game for timv and BP and maybe different CAI events.
  5. No offense to any moderator looking at this but I feel like moderator need to be active on their moderating and better at communicating with people and helping them (not just playing the game), I feel like some mods aren’t doing that.
  6. More cosmetics?
  7. KIG CAI should have a game council.
  8. Put some maps back in rotation, idk what happen to some maps but they just randomly disappeared from the map list on CAI (some of the maps were not even that big).
  9. Maybe a different game, some mods brought it up like Freeze tag.
  10. I am running out of suggestions to write.

I talked and message some of the mods about these suggestions and I hope they get noticed.



I really like the suggestions, especially suggestion #1, #4 and #9!

As for #1, I can actually comment on that one!! We (the builders!) will take it into consideration, but we can’t promise anything ): But we’ve been talking about it!! c:

#4 has been discussed on the forum before (for TIMV at least). You can read about it here. This is for TIMV only really, but shouldn’t be too hard to come up with stuff for CAI and BP, however there’s no specific suggestions for that (I’m sure if you got some ideas, you can create a thread!!) or it’s up to the councils really.

#9 I’d love to see some more gamemodes, but you also have to think about the playercount. TIMV is the most active and BP/CAI are… not really active. Plus I wouldn’t know what game to suggest or anything.

edit: you can find the cai council here


I think all of these suggestions are really good! I especially think it would be a great idea to add cai and bp events, as those games don’t get very many players a lot of the time and an event could help bring players to them at specific times. I also think adding another game would be a great idea, especially something new like you said, I think trying to go in a different direction (i.e. not copying every game from Hive or something like that) is a good idea.

#4 - While I partially agree with this, I think it’s important to consider that members of the staff team aren’t always available to join games/moderate chat at all times, especially at later times when not many players are on.

#6 - Could you give some suggestions? In terms of lobby cosmetics, I did partially implement a kind of ‘wing’ cosmetic type which creates an image out of particles, though this likely won’t be released any time soon due to performance concerns. Other suggestions would be great though for minigames/the lobby.

#7 - It would make sense for there to be a council for this (i.e. there’s a CAI manager), though I personally see CAI as a game that isn’t anywhere near as flexible as a game such as TIMV in terms of suggestions/additions. This means there probably won’t be as big of a benefit in a council being created, aside from discussing a few minor changes. While I’m sure we’d love to add new additions to this minigame, realistically there’s only so much you can add to a CTF game before it becomes an entirely different game.

#9 - We can take this into consideration (and I did see this freeze tag suggestion at some point), though it might be a little while before we release our own games, considering the amount of planning for game mechanics and map layouts that will have to take place beforehand.