Why was I banned for Karma Baiting?

What is Karma Baiting?

Karma baiting is the term for misleading people into losing karma.

Bans for this reason are most commonly done for doing the following:

  • Refusing or ignoring a request to test for an alive player, who you have no valid reason to suspect of being a traitor, misleading them into killing you and losing karma (this applies still for refusing to test two or three times in a row, but not any more than three times in a row)
  • Leaving the game shortly after being punched by another player in order to make them lose karma
  • Pretending to be trying to kill a player, who kills you in self-defense and loses karma as a result (note that this does not apply to cases where the two of them are both playing around with each other and clearly have no malicious intent)

Karma baiting bans will be judged on a case-by-case basis, since players may karma bait accidentally due to misunderstandings or external factors. Bans will only be issued if our moderators believe that the act was committed intentionally and knowingly.

What can I do now?

If you believe your punishment is unfair, you can submit an appeal here.

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